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Lion Raisins are 100% California-grown and packaged. We have a variety of raisins and raisin products ready for bulk orders and private labeling for minimum orders. Click on a picture for a product description...



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Raisin Juice Concentrate Flame Raisins Fancy and Jumbo Fancy Golden Raisins




Sugar-Coated Raisins Zante Currants


Monukkas Raisins
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DOV raisins have proven to meet the food safety concerns of our customers, over that of tray-dried raisins, for the following reasons:

1. No stones.

 2. No embedded grit. 

3. No embedded sand. 

4. No animal contamination. 

5. No human contamination. 

6. Fewer embedded stems.

With more than a century in the raisin business, we continue to lead our industry into the 21st century. Not only with our state of the art production facility, but with our on going efforts to produce cleaner and safer raisins, while lowering costs to stay competitive in the world market. Lion Raisins is currently producing raisins with the advanced technique of Dried-On-the Vine, called DOV Raisins.

What are DOV raisins and how are they an improvement of the traditional tray-dried raisins? At the UC Kearny Ag Center in Parlier, CA starting in1965, researchers found that if the canes (part of the vine where the grapes grow) were cut and allowed to dry, the resulting raisins could be harvested by mechanical means.

The type of growing on overhead horizontal trellis as employed on Lion vineyards leads to production of a higher quality, safer and cleaner raisin, due to the grapes drying on the vine instead of paper trays laying on the dirt between the rows of the vineyard. The latter are subject to greater incidents of contamination from dirt, sand, stones, rain, mold, insects and animals.

The overhead horizontal trellis system is alternating rows of fruiting and non-fruiting middles. Vines in this system are trained so the fruiting canes are placed in one row middle and the renewal or non-fruiting shoots are trained to the next row middle. This is best used for development of new vineyards. Lion leads our industry in the planting of this growing and harvesting system.


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